Linking Faith-Based Institutions and Behavioral Health

This project provides faith based organizations specific, practical guidance about engaging and collaborating with healthcare organizations in order to better address health disparities.  


  • Disseminate information on best practice models for faith based/healthcare collaborations
  • Promote inclusion of grassroots organizations
  • Strengthen the community based participatory approach for faith based organizations (FBOs) addressing health and healthcare

Population Addressed: Community leaders, academics, physicians, and faith based leaders working in and with underserved communities.

Rationale and Relevance:

  • FBOs can play a major role in the health and wellness of the communities they serve
  • Developing partnerships between faith based and health care organizations increases opportunities for members of racial and ethnic groups to access appropriate services that address their needs, thus increasing the likelihood of eliminating some level of disparities in health outcomes
  • The NIH/NCMHD roundtable on “The Science and Practice of Building Partnerships between Faith-Based and Healthcare Organizations towards Eliminating Health Disparities” identified that there is no current resource available that advises FBOs on the process of engaging and collaborating with healthcare organizations


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