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Mental Health American Awards Nominations - Now Open

Posted: February 13, 2018

Each year, Mental Health America (MHA) recognizes outstanding work by the media, its affiliates, young people, adult mental health consumers, and those working in the mental health field at MHA’s Annual Conference.

This year, MHA will be distributing the Clifford W. Beers Award, the Media Award, the mPower Award, the George Goodman and Ruth P. Brudney Social Work Award, the Innovation in Programming Award, and the brand-new Mental Health Corporate Excellence Award during events held at MHA’s 2018 Annual Conference: Fit for the Future, June 14-16, in Washington, DC.

Who is eligible?

  • Each award has different eligibility criteria, which are outlined in this brochure
  • Self-nominations will be accepted
  • Previous nominees who did not receive an award may be nominated again

Clifford W. Beers Award

MHA’s highest award is given in honor of Clifford W. Beers, the founder of MHA and the country’s volunteer mental health advocacy movement. Created in 1976, the Clifford W. Beers Award has been presented annually to a consumer of mental health and/ or substance abuse services who best reflects the example set by Beers in his efforts to improve conditions for, and attitudes toward, people with mental illnesses.

Mental Health Corporate Excellence Award

The Mental Health Corporate Excellence Award will be given to an exemplary corporation that promotes the mental health of its employees, stakeholders, and community.

George Goodman and Ruth P. Brudney Social Work Award

The George Goodman and Ruth P. Brudney Social Work Award was established by the Board of Directors of MHA in November 1986. The award’s establishment was made possible through a gift by George Brudney, a member of the MHA Board of Directors, in memory of his wife Ruth, a psychiatric social worker.

Innovation in Programming Award

This award recognizes the continuing innovation and creativity of the MHA affiliate network in program development and implementation. 

mPower Award

The mPower Award celebrates the life and work of a teen or young adult who has spoken out about mental health issues to educate his or her peers and fight stigma.

Media Award

Each year, MHA recognizes journalists, media outlets, television and film programs who excel in their coverage and portrayal of mental health issues in news and entertainment media. The media is vital in educating Americans about mental health and mental illnesses. Accurate and responsible coverage is critical in breaking down stereotypes and stigma surrounding mental illness and substance use. Original, thought-provoking journalism and entertainment not only work to raise general awareness and shape public opinion, but help all people live mentally healthier lives and teach the country to address mental illness before Stage 4. 

Do you know of someone improving the world of mental health? Does your employer set the bar on how to address mental health in the workplace?

MHA encourages you to nominate them, or anyone else you think deserves to be recognized for their outstanding work (multiple nominations are allowed). You are also allowed to self-nominate, and previous nominees who did not receive an award may be nominated again.

Click here to learn more about the awards and nominate someone online!

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