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Filipino American Mental Health Matters: Advancing Health and Wellbeing in the U.S.

Posted: October 26, 2018

Philippine American Foundation for Charities, Inc (PAFC) & Philippine Embassy, convened an inaugural forum on Filipino American Mental Health on October 20, 2018, for a discussion around advancing mental health efforts in the Filipino American community.

The new NNEDshare post shares the initial meeting report, and other resources.  View the NNEDshare post here!

While information is still being processed from the forum to solidify next steps, PAFC has confirmed a partnership with SAMHSA and the Campaign to Change Direction to develop outreach tools around the 5 signs of emotional suffering in the various languages of the Philippines.

Ways you can be involved:

  • Submit a photo! Snap a photo of you and/or your community with your hands up to signify you know the five signs of emotional suffering. PFAC will be using these photos for the social media campaign launch and the Campaign to Change Direction website. Submit your photos to PFAC president Krystle Canare no later than Friday, November 30th.
  • Help with materials translation! If you would like to be involved in the translation and development of these materials, contact PFAC president Krystle Canare directly no later than Wednesday, October 31, 2018.

Visit NNEDshare to learn more and view related resources!

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