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The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) is pleased to be offering its eighth annual training for community-based organizations, NNEDLearn 2018, an opportunity for NNED members to learn and implement evidence-based, adapted, and culturally-specific behavioral health practices. This training model includes an on-site training and follow-up virtual coaching sessions. The on-site training will be held April 15-18, 2018 at the Tamaya Hyatt in Santa Ana Pueblo, New Mexico. 

Welcome to NNEDLearn - Dr. Larke Huang

Congratuations to our NNEDLearn 2018 participants!
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What is the NNEDLearn model?

Recognizing that it takes more than a two-day training to implement new practices or programs, the full NNEDLearn training model consists of four critical components: Prepare (introductory webinars, other readiness activities); Learn (2½ day intensive, face-to-face training); Implement (follow-up virtual coaching sessions, other follow-up activities); and Sustain (efforts to sustain practice, surveys on outcomes/impact). Objectives for each NNEDLearn stage are:

NNEDLearn Model

NNEDLearn 2018 will offer five training tracks:

What are the requirements for participation?

Organizations can propose three to five team members for participation, including one team leader. See the training tracks for more information on participant criteria.

Each organization must submit an application demonstrating readiness, fit and commitment to training and implementation.

SAMHSA will cover travel and lodging for teams to participate in the Learn stage (on-site training in Santa Ana Pueblo, New Mexico). NNED membership is required for NNEDLearn participation. If you are not a NNED member you can sign up now, please allow 24-48 hours for your account to be activated.

Questions? Email NNEDLearn@nnedlearn.net.

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Check out last year's NNED-a-thon!

Last year during the on-site NNEDLearn 2017 training in New Mexico, participants collaborated and transformed during the NNED-a-thon! The NNED-a-thon was a new opportunity for NNEDLearn 2017 participants to engage with each other in teams to solve a challenge. NNEDLearn 2017 participants were requested to browse all components of the NNED website prior to their arrival in New Mexico in preparation for the NNED-a-thon. Learn more about the NNED-a-thon.

The following video shows highlights from NNED-a-thon 2017. Participants collaborated to develop strategies focused on enriching the NNED and cultivated approaches focused on implementation and sustainability of best practices learned from the on-site NNEDLearn 2017 meeting!

The NNED-a-thon was a success thanks to all of our NNEDLearn participants and their high energy and engagement!