NNED Architecture

The NNED structure consists of three interlocking entities:

Community and Ethnic-Based Organizations and Networks (CEBONs) are at the heart of the NNED. These organizations provide a wide spectrum of services and supports, including behavioral health interventions (i.e., promotion, prevention, treatment, recovery supports, aftercare, etc.), community action, policy development, and tap into leadership structures within diverse communities. The activities of these organizations are community-focused and community-driven.

Knowledge Discovery Centers (KDCs) are organizations that have expertise in one of the priority areas identified for the NNED and also have capacity in a core function such as training, policy development, program evaluation, technical assistance, etc.

The National Facilitation Center, run by  Change Matrix LLC, has primary responsibility for facilitating dialogue and knowledge exchange, providing web-based technical support, convening, network partners, resource identification and development, and network maintenance.


Read more about the NNED architecture in the NNED Blueprint. If your organization is interested in partnering with the NNED, please email Rachele Espiritu (Project Director) at the NNED National Facilitation Center.