Community Defined Evidence Models in Latino Communities

This project seeks to develop an inventory of effective practices in the Latino community and an approach to community-defined evidence applicable to ethnic and cultural groups.

Purpose: To advance a developing body of knowledge that takes into consideration worldview, cultural values and beliefs, and non-Western indigenous knowledge to assess the results of behavioral health interventions for Latinos. The goal is to discover and develop a model for establishing an evidence base using cultural and/or community indices that identify community-defined and community-based practices that work. 

Population Addressed: Latino communities across the United States.

Background: Current research paradigms are based upon a western empirical model of measurement.  Evidence based treatments and evidence based practices (EBTs/EBPs) are based upon this empirical model.  Some EBTs/EBPs are effective in Latino communities, especially those that were designed for Latino populations.  Other EBTs/EBPs were not designed for Latino populations and need to be reviewed for appropriateness in the Latino community.  The new body of knowledge must take into consideration the world view, cultural values and beliefs and non-traditional ways to measure effectiveness of practices and treatments for Latinos.

Projected Outcomes:    

  • Promote the use of culturally-informed methodologies and measurement practices with Latino populations across an array of supports and services
  • Share lessons learned from this project with the other ethnic/racial groups
  • Provide guidance to academicians/ researchers, governmental entities and public and private funders to use appropriate culturally and community-defined evidence criteria when addressing the needs of Latino and other diverse ethnic populations
  • Disseminate an inventory of current ESTs/ EBTs/EBPs and cultural adaptations that are effective with Latino populations
  • Inform policy and practice by expanding the knowledge base and the measurement of existing community practices through community-defined evidence

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