Bienvenido Community of Practice

The Bienvenido Program

The NNED and the Northeastern Center have partnered to offer 20 NNED Members training and continued coaching on the Bienvenido Program curriculum in order to help support Latino immigrants.

About the Bienvenido Program

The Bienvenido Program, operated by the Northeastern Center, is a mental health promotion program for Latinos that addresses issues that come with adjustment to life in another country.  CoP members will receive training to implement this strengths-based educational curriculum to enhance awareness of mental health, clarify a participant’s personal goals for an enhanced quality of life, and develop skills to reduce risk for emotional and behavioral risks associated with mental distress. The Bienvenido curriculum is appropriate for use in various community settings, including behavioral service settings, schools, and outpatient mental health centers. 

Each module of the nine week Bienvenido curriculum provides information about topics related to the development of positive mental health and enhanced well being.  Modules are ordered to first introduce participants to potentially new knowledge about mental health, clarify their understanding of risk and protective factors associated with mental health and quality of life, and develop skills to enhance effective social functioning and community integration.

About the Bienvenido CoP

Gilberto Pérez Jr., MSW, ACSW, Bienvenido Program Director will provide 16 hours of Bienvenido Facilitator Training to 20 NNED members via Webinar (8 sessions, 2 hours each).  Upon completion of the training, participants will receive monthly coaching as they implement the program in their communities. NNED members are encouraged to apply for the CoP in teams of 2 (from the same community) to support sustainability of the program.

  • Webinar 1
    Participants will learn about the Bienvenido Model and the role of the Bienvenido Facilitator.
  • Webinar 2
    Participants will learn about positive mental health, how to foster positive mental health in communities, and will begin to think about programming for the Bienvenido Program.
  • Webinar 3
    Participants will learn about anger, common causes of anger, how to teach others about these issues, and effective communication styles.
  • Webinar 4
    Participants will learn about play and positive mental health and will begin to identifying the organizations and services in their community that support Latino immigrants.
  • Webinar 5
    Participants will learn to identify the stages of acculturation and the importance of positive mental health in a family system.
  • Webinar 6
    Participants will learn about addicition, and the incidence of alcohol and drug abuse in Latino immigrant populations going through the process of acculturation.
  • Webinar 7
    Participants will learn how to implement the Bienvenido Program in their communities.
  • Webinar 8
    Participants will be instructed on the administration of the pre- and post- questionnaires of the curriculum that help to measure the effectiveness of the program.

Key Steps & Dates

  • Find out more about the Bienvenido Program by clicking here.
  • Read who is qualified to become a Bienvenido Facilitator by clicking here.
  • Read the mutual agreement form by clicking here.
  • May 20th - Weekly Bienvenido Facilitator Training begins.
  • July 1st - Weekly Bienvenido Facilitator Training ends.
  • Trainings are held every Thursday from 1:00-3:00pm ET.
  • Monthly 1-hour follow-up coaching sessions: August 2010 – Jan 2011 (1st Monday of the month, 1:00 – 2:00 pm ET).


Please contact us if you have any additional questions.

For Bienvenido Training questions:
Gilberto Pérez Jr., MSW, ACSW, Northeastern Center
P: 260-318-5042

NNED CoP questions:
Rachele Espiritu, Ph.D., National Network to Eliminate Disparities in Behavioral Health
P: 281.990.8444