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The NNED-a-thon Winner is…Changemakers!

Posted: May 11, 2018

Congratulations to the NNED-a-thon winner, Team 2—Changemakers!  Twelve teams of NNEDLearn 2018 participants competed in a fast-paced interactive challenge to brainstorm strategies on the use of networks, including the NNED, to assist with eliminating disparities in behavioral health.  Teams comprised of individuals from different organizations and representative of all five NNEDLearn 2018 training tracks examined strategies for establishing and reinforcing partnerships to promote community health and well-being.  The NNED-a-thon was an opportunity for NNEDLearn 2018 participants to interact with other participants not in their assigned training track and expand the potential for peer-to-peer learning. 

NNED-a-thon 2018 Winning Team

Modeled after hack-a-thons that are commonly used by technology innovators to problem-solve, the NNED-a-thon teams had four minutes to present their strategies for enhancing the NNED based on two assigned attributes of a healthy network.  Changemakers presented their two attributes—“value” and “capacity to tap the network assets”—and identified concrete strategies for applying each of the attributes to the NNED.  The team described multiple values of the NNED, including collaboration, shared learning, acceptance, and skill development.  The capacity for NNED members to tap the network assets through utilization of the online discussion forum which allows for continuing conversation with other NNED organizations was emphasized during the team’s presentation.  Understanding that multiple doors of entry are needed to maximize the potential to tap the network’s assets, Changemakers highlighted multiple entry points within the NNED for members to access information and connect with each other. 

Moving forward, the Changemakers expressed the need to increase clarity of communication across the network.  Showcasing the shared values and unique talents of NNED members was proposed to help motivate members to connect with each other.  Changemakers reminded everyone that leveraging social media to connect NNED partners and networks is key. The team suggested creating a NNED mobile app, using a single-sign on, social media format to access all features in the website, and marking content with hashtags to make it easier to connect with NNED partners.  

We look forward to implementing the feedback as best possible. Thank you to all NNEDLearn 2018 participants for their great work in the 2018 NNED-a-thon!

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