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NNED Partner of the Month

Posted: July 01, 2018

In order to highlight pockets of excellence across the country, the NNED selects an organization to highlight once a month. The Racial and Ethnic Mental Health Disparities Coalition has been selected as the Partner of the Month for July in honor of National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month.

Since late 2007, REMHDCO has been a statewide coalition of individuals from non-profit California statewide and local organizations whose mission is to work to reduce mental health disparities through advocacy for racial and ethnic communities.

REMHDCO is the only statewide organization of its kind - often advocating for culturally competent services, outreach to underserved/ unserved/inappropriately served communities, and reducing mental health disparities for racial and ethnic communities. Diverse racial and ethnic communities represented by REMHDCO include: Latino, Asian/Pacific Islander, Native American, and African American.  REMHDCO also represents other underserved groups such as: non-English and limited English speaking individuals, immigrants and refugees, and the Muslim community.

The member organizations include many action centers, health centers, coalitions, networks, projects, community associations, foundations, agencies and more from all different backgrounds. Additionally, REMHDCO has programs including:

  • Wellness Works: This a workplace mental health training program that seeks to increase capacity for employers to respond more appropriately when employees have mental health issues, reduce stigma and social prejudice towards people who have mental health challenges and mental illnesses, and promote mental wellness in the workplace. 

  • The CMMC (California MHSA Multicultural Coalition): The CMMC is a new structure to bring forward diverse multicultural perspectives that have not been adequately represented in the mental health system or in previous efforts to obtain consumer and family member input. The CMMC’s primary goal is to work toward the integration of cultural and linguistic competence into the public mental health system. The CMMC is one of seven partners of the California Reducing Disparities Project (CRDP) Phase I, a statewide project funded by the Mental Health Services Act that is now administered by the Office of Health Equity of the California Department of Public Health.

Learn more about REMHDCO and how they are advocating for better mental health across multiple diverse California communities.

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