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RWJF Releases Report on Intimate Partner Violence in Immigrant and Refugee Communities (posted 4/16)

Posted: April 16, 2009

Initimate Partner Violence in Immigrant and Refugee Communities: Challenges, Promising Practices and Recommendations

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) released a report on April 7, 2009 identifiying Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) as a widespread costly and complex social problem nationwide with serious health and safety implications.  The RWJF partnered with the Family Violence Prevention Fund to produce this publication that provides an overview of IPV from a variety of standpoints and offers recommendations and summaries for future work and funding efforts surrounding this issue.

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Ethnic Minority Affairs Office Releases Journal on Health Disparities (posted 4/16)

Posted: April 16, 2009

Special Issue: Psychological & Behavioral Perspectives on Health Disparities

In March 2009 the American Psychological Association's Ethnic Minority Affairs Office released their semi-annual news journal Communique.  This issue, entitled Psychological and Behavioral Perspectives on Health Disparities, provides an overview of health disparities and how they are manifested across different populations and different health outcomes.  Events related to eliminating health disparities and further resources are also identified.  For more information click here .

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White House Launches HIV/AIDS Communication Campaign (posted 4/14)

Posted: April 14, 2009

On April 7th the White House launched a national HIV/AIDS communication campaign Act Against AIDS .  This is the first national CDC HIV/AIDS Campaign in more than a decade.  The campaign will feature public service announcements (PSAs) and online communications, as well as targeted messages and outreach to the populations most severely affected by HIV/AIDS, beginning with African-Americans, with subsequent phases focusing on Latinos and other communities disproportionately impacted.  To help achieve widespread use of the campaign messages within African-American communities, the Obama Administration also announced the Act Against AIDS Leadership Initiative (AAALI), a partnership with 14 of the nation’s leading African-American civic organizations to integrate HIV prevention into each organization’s outreach programs.  To read the full press release click here .  For further information visit .

APA Grand Challenge Booklet: Health Disparities (posted 4/10)

Posted: April 10, 2009

The American Psychological Association has put together three booklets to identify and offer insights and solutions to a number of the grand challenges facing our society.  The third booklet, Health Disparities , found that the healthiest Americans live longer, fitter lives than anyone in the world, while the least healthy live only a little longer than people in some of the poorest countries. Learn how psychologists are finding ways to bridge this deep divide in health quality.  Click this link to download the booklet: here to view the other three booklets.

Separate and Unequal: Minority Primary Care Clinics (posted 4/10)

Posted: April 10, 2009

Separate and Unequal: Clinics Where Minority and Nonminority Patients Receive Primary Care
Anita B. Varkey, MD; Linda Baier Manwell, MS; Eric S. Williams, PhD; Said A. Ibrahim, MD, MPH;
Roger L. Brown, PhD; James A. Bobula, PhD; Barbara A. Horner-Ibler, MD, MASW; Mark D. Schwartz, MD;
Thomas R. Konrad, PhD; Jacqueline C. Wiltshire, PhD; Mark Linzer, MD; for the MEMO Investigators

This study published in February 2009 from the Archives of Internal Medicine examines the influence of physician workplace conditions on health care disparities.  The study found that clinics serving higher proportions of minority patients have more challenging workplace and organizational characteristics, therefore suggesting another possible mechanism for disparities in health care access and outcomes.  For full article click here .

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