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You Say Potayto I Say Potahto, Don’t Call the Whole Thing Off: The Need for Cross-Cultural Dialogue

Posted: March 30, 2011

Cross cultural dialogue is critical to address and remediate disparities in behavioral health.  While it may sound simple, effective cross cultural dialogue requires an intentional and sustained effort to balance inquiry and advocacy.  Watch the recording.

This NNED Forum Call on April 27th explored innate patterns and methods of communication.  Presenters shared best practices in cross cultural dialogue, such as the responsibility to authentically engage in dialogue as well as acknowledge others in that process.  Presenters also defined environments that support the value of diversity and the expectation that diverse perspectives will be integrated.  Finally, the presenters described their experiences with culturally specific styles of dialogue and how they might work across cultures.


  • Shannon Crossbear, StrongHeart Resource Development
  • Suganya Sockalingam, Founding Partner, Change Matrix LLC
  • Liz Waetzig, Founding Partner, Change Matrix LLC


You Say Potayto, I Say Potahto: Don’t Call the Whole Thing Off - 4/27/11 from Change Matrix LLC on Vimeo.

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