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UC Launches New Research Center to Study Health of Migrating People

Intent on improving the health conditions of migrating people in California and around the world, the University of California’s Berkeley and Davis campuses are joining forces to launch a new Migration and Health Research Center.  The new center will focus on conducting and sponsoring research related to acute and chronic illnesses and injuries among migrating people. The resulting research discoveries will be made available to help guide public policy aimed at alleviating such health problems.  Research studies involving immigrants of many ethnic backgrounds will address a broad spectrum of issues including domestic violence; alcohol, tobacco and substance abuse; diabetes and other nutrition-related diseases; occupational health and safety; and chronic disorders such as heart and lung disease.  For more information click here.

Link to resource: http://www.news.ucdavis.edu/search/news_detail.lasso?id=9228
Organization: University of California Berkeley and University of California Davis
Date: 2009

Category:Sector -> Health
Category:Topic Area -> Disparities and equity
Category:Topic Area -> Alcohol tobacco and other drug use
Category:Population -> Migrant and seasonal workers
Category:Intervention -> Research
Category:Type of Resource -> Program and project


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