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Fair Society Health Lives: Strategy for reducing health disparities in England

The Marmot Review to Reduce Health Inequalities in England post-2010 Conference that took place in London, England this February released a final report entitled Fair Society Health Lives that outlines a strategy for reducing health disparities in England, issues of mental health and substance abuse are addressed in the report.  The Review followed the publication of the global Commission on Social Determinants of Health (CSDH) published by the World Health Organization. The CSDH advocated that national governments develop and implement strategies and policies suited to their particular national context aimed at improving health equity.  English review is a response to that recommendation and to the government’s commitment to reducing health inequalities in England.  The aim of the Review was to propose an evidence based strategy for reducing health inequalities from 2010.  The strategy includes policies and interventions that address the social determinants of health inequalities.  To download the Marmot Review click here.

The six main recommendations of the review are:
•  Giving every child the best start in life
•  Enabling all children, young people and adults to maximize their capabilities and have control over their lives
•  Creating fair employment and good work for all
•  Ensuring a healthy standard of living for all
•  Creating and developing sustainable places and communities
•  Strengthening the role and impact of ill-health prevention

Link to resource: http://www.marmot-review.org.uk/
Organization: Marmot Review
Date: 2010

Category:Topic Area -> Disparities and equity
Category:Topic Area -> Mental health and mental health problems
Category:Topic Area -> Alcohol tobacco and other drug use
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  • Mental health and mental health problems
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