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Data Tool on Children of Immigrants

The Urban Institute has released a data tool that allows users to generate charts on the characteristics of children of immigrants, age 0 to 17, for the United States and for the 50 states and the District of Columbia.  Statistics on 21 features include citizenship and the immigrant status (foreign vs. native-born) of children and their parents; children’s race, ethnicity, and school enrollment; parents’ education and English proficiency; and family composition, income, and work effort. The child and parents’ citizenship and immigrant status (foreign vs. native-born) can be used as reference points for comparisons.  Data for the tool came from the 2005 and 2006 American Community Survey.  Click here to access the tool.

Link to resource: http://datatool.urban.org/charts/datatool/pages.cfm
Organization:  Urban Institute
Date: 2009

Category:Sector -> Education
Category:Sector -> Finances
Category:Topic Area -> Disparities and equity
Category:Population -> Children
Category:Population -> Immigrants
Category:Intervention -> Research
Category:Type of Resource -> Data


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