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Cross Systems Financing Project for Vulnerable Populations

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) has released a report on their Cross-Systems Financing Project , an initiative focused on individuals with substance use disorders and/or mental health issues with complex, often unmet, needs.  Cross-systems financing plans represent strategic, interagency collaborations. They create efficient and efficacious models of care, utilizing federal, state and community-based financial and human resources, and provide the most vulnerable populations with evidence-based, continuous support.  This report is intended to provide health care leaders, senior program directors, and policy makers with a process framework, pragmatic examples, lessons learned, and a compendium of resources to support unique initiatives in the ?eld of cross-systems ?nance.  Click here to download the report from the RWJF website.

Link to resource: http://www.rwjf.org/files/research/crosssystem2009.pdf
Organization: Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
Date: 2009

Category:Sector -> Finances
Category:Topic Area -> Mental health and mental health problems
Category:Intervention -> Promotion
Category:Type of Resource -> Report