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- A Regional Health Collaborative to Improve the Health of a Hispanic Community

- Achieving the Goals of the National HIV AIDS Strategy: Keeping Gender in Mind


- Bans on Same Sex Marriage May Affect Mental Health

- Bringing It Back Home: Making Gender Central in the Domestic U.S. AIDS Response


- Can Better Mother Daughter Relations Reduce the Chance of a Suicide Attempt

- CASE Study Evaluations of a Cell Phone App for Emotional Self Awareness

- Child Family & Neighborhood Associations with Parent Peer Interactive Play

- Correlates of Suicidal Behavior among Victims of Intimate Partner Violence


- Depression Care in the United States: Too Little for Too Few

- Discrimination Mastery and Depressive Symptoms Among African American Men

- Does Multiracial Matter A Study of Racial Disparities in Self Rated Health


- Ethnicity vs. Race in Medical Terminology


- Factors Influencing Depression and Anxiety among Black Sexual Minority Men

- Family Acceptance in Adolescence and the Health of LGBT Young Adults

- Fostering Reasons for Living Among Low Income Suicidal African American Women


- Helping Substance Involved Young People in Juvenile Justice be Successful

- High School Gay Straight Alliances and Young Adult Well Being


- Inequities in Psychological Outcomes Between LGBTQ and Straight Students

- Innovation in Indian Healthcare: Using Health IT to Achieve Health Equity


- Journal Articles on HIV Care and Minorities


- Key Considerations for Preventing Suicide in Older Adults


- LGBT Adolescent School Victimization: Implications for Health and Adjustment


- Measuring Mental Healthcare Quality in the US: A Review of Initiatives

- Mothers with Depression Dont Receive Adequate Mental Health Care

- Motivational enhancement therapy for African American substance users


- New Study on Mental Illness in Remote Indigenous Communities


- Overcoming Confounding of Race & Segregation to Explore Disparities in Smoking


- Patient Costs Act as a Barrier to Intensive Health Behavior Counseling

- Paying for Performance in Primary Care: Potential Impact on Health Disparities

- Poor Children Liklier to Get Antipsychotics

- Prevalence of Mood Disorders & Service Use Among Mothers by Race and Ethnicity

- Public Health Journal Focuses on Asian Pacific Health


- Racial Ethnic Variations in Substance Related Disorders Among Adolescents

- Reducing Racial And Ethnic Disparities: The Action Plan From HHS

- Relationships Between Rural Adolescents Prosocial Behaviors & Substance Use

- Report Shows Elderly with Mental Health Needs Dont Seek Help


- Separate and Unequal: A Study of Minority Primary Care Clinics

- Stigma Keeps Some Latinos from Depression Treatment

- Study Examines Mental Health of Children With Special Health Care Needs

- Study on Web Based Substance Abuse Interventions


- The Link between Racial Discrimination and Racial Health Disparities

- The Role of Public Health in Addressing Disparities in Mental Health