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The NNED Library has moved to NNEDshare and is not being updated. Please help us decide what resources to migrate from the NNED Library into NNEDshare—Submit feedback!

In this database, you’ll find resources related to the elimination of disparities in behavioral health. To find a resource, enter a keyword in the search box above, click on a category below, or click “Browse Content” on the left menu.

Intervention: Look in this Category to find resources related to the broad variety of efforts that exist to create positive change in behavioral health. Some of these efforts include advocacy, promotion, prevention, and policy change.

Population: Look in this Category for resources that focus on a specific population such as adolescents, sexual and gender minorities, Asian Americans, Native American, etc.

Sector: Look in this Category to find resources related to the various sectors of society.  For example, if you’re looking for an article about foster youth you would browse the sub-category Welfare and Housing. Other sub categories include employment, education and faith-based.

Topic Area: Look in this Category to browse resources that are unique to certain topics such as health information technology, cultural and linguistic competence, etc. If you’re just browsing rather than looking for something specific, this Category is the best place to start.

Type of Resource: Look in this Category for specific types of resources like newsletters, toolkits, videos, and journal articles.


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