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The Voice Awards: Nominate a Consumer/Peer Leader in Behavioral Health Today!

Posted: April 09, 2012

Join the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) in recognizing consumer/peer leaders in recovery from mental health and/or substance use disorders, for their efforts to educate the public about the real experiences of people with behavioral health problems. Through their work, leaders demonstrate that people can and do recover from these conditions and lead full and meaningful lives in their communities.

If you know a consumer/peer leader who has led efforts to promote the social inclusion of people with behavioral health problems; personally demonstrated that recovery is real and possible; and made a positive impact on his/her community, workplace, or school, please nominate him/her for a 2012 Voice Award. Nominations are due Friday, April 13, 2012.

The Voice Awards honor consumer/peer leaders who have played a vital role in raising awareness and understanding of behavioral health problems. The awards also recognize TV and film writers and producers who have given a voice to people with behavioral health problems by incorporating dignified, respectful, and accurate portrayals of these individuals into their scripts, programs, and productions.

Read more about the Voice Awards. Nominate a consumer/ peer leader.

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