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La Paz y Calma: Blog for Latina Women with Anxiety, Depression or Panic Disorder

Posted: March 03, 2013

In a continuous effort to spread awareness to the general public regarding advances and resources addressing mental health in the Latino community, the National Latino Behavioral Health Association (NLBHA) has partnered on a new blog: La Paz y Calma. This blog was created to serve as encouragement and hope for young women who are suffering, or have suffered, from anxiety, depression and/or panic disorder. "Latinas experiencing such symptoms and conditions can connect and support one another through La Paz y Calma", said Dr. Pierluigi Manicini, NLBHA President.

In May of 2012, founder and writer of La Paz y Calma, Julia Acevedo suffered one of the worst panic attacks of her life. Having been diagnosed in her early teenage years with chronic anxiety disorder, she was no stranger to the torment of the attack but thankfully had a strong support system to help her through. However, she knows that others may not share in her same good fortune and hopes other women find solace through her story.

The goal behind this joint venture is to inspire, provide comfort, and serve as a platform for women to speak out about living in the shadows of their anxieties and fears. Most importantly the intent is to bring awareness that anxiety, depression, and panic disorder are not simply mental conditions, but an affliction that can manifest into physical conditions, which may be treated.

Visit the blog. Read more about NLBHA.

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