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Issue Brief “Positive Mental Health” Highlights Factors Associated with Resilience in Adolescents

Posted: March 01, 2013

A new issue brief by Child Trends, Positive Mental Health: Resilience, presents research findings on the characteristics of adolescents who demonstrate resilience, along with strategies that promote resilience in adolescents and other useful resources. One of three Adolescent Health Highlights, a series on adolescent mental health, this brief discusses six factors that are associated with resilience and promote positive mental health:

  • One or more adults providing caring support;
  • An appealing, sociable, easygoing disposition;
  • Good thinking skills (“intelligence” as traditionally defined, but also judgment and social skills);
  • One or more talents (things a person does really well);
  • Belief in oneself and trust in one’s ability to make decisions; and
  • Religiosity or spirituality.

Download the issue brief (pdf). Learn more about Child Trends.

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