Brief Strategic Family Therapy


Ruban Roberts, MSW
Sr. Research Associate/BSFT Consultant
Brief Strategic Family Therapy® Institute, University of Miami

Certificates and CEUs:

  • National Board for Certified Counselors and Associates (NBCC)
  • The Association for Addiction Professionals (NAADAC)
  • IC&RC credentials (International Certification & Reciprocity Consortium) for substance abuse counselors by the Connecticut Certification Board, an IC&RC affiliate
  • Approved Continuing Education (ACE) - Association of Social Work Boards


BSFT™ is an evidence-based intervention that treats youth drug abuse, conduct problems, associations with antisocial peers and maladaptive family functioning.  In other words, BSFT™ helps troubled youth and their families grow through strengthening relationships, building connections and creating long-lasting change. BSFT™ targets the family environment of the adolescent, so changes are sustained long after the treatment ends. BSFT™ is implemented in 12 to 16 sessions, depending on problem severity. BSFT™ is manualized, with training and sustainability programs for therapists. BSFT™ is implemented internationally (over 40 states and overseas) in community substance abuse and mental health agencies, health clinics and school settings. BSFT™ was developed over 38 years of research at the University of Miami’s Center for Family Studies, the nation’s preeminent center for development and testing of minority family therapy interventions. BSFT™ a culturally-sensitive, ethnically diverse family therapy treatment model for drug using, behavior problem adolescents. As residential services are being downsized, BSFT can help youth and their families transition back to their community. BSFT™ is an effective family-focused intervention which improves family interaction, treats conduct problems and reduces delinquency and drug use.


Clinicians, program developers/managers, and agency leadership. Participants are required to apply in groups of three or four. To learn more download this BSFT Model Overview (.doc).


1.  History of BSFT
2.  Basic Theoretical concepts of BSFT 
3.  Video vignette of BSFT session
4.  Research findings from  various BSFT studies


Download and read the National Institute on Drug Abuse publication on BSFT.

For more information visit BSFT website.