Collecting and Using Data on Disparities in Systems of Care


Thursday, March 15, 2018 | 2:30 pm - 4:00 pm EST


Effective strategies to collect, analyze, and present data within systems of care (SOCs) to identify and address behavioral health disparities are available.

This web event will:

  1. Identify key issues with behavioral health disparities and why they matter for service delivery and evaluation of SOCs
  2. Provide guidance on how to collect and use data to track and reduce disparities
  3. Offer concrete strategies that can be applied by states, communities, tribes, and territories
  4. Highlight real world examples and practical approaches

Presenters will:

  • Review important concepts related to behavioral health disparities
  • Describe ways to use readily available data to examine disparities and disproportionalities
  • Describe processes for collecting analyzing, and disseminating data to monitor and identify disparities based on experience in Broward County, Florida
  • Discuss how to develop a plan for tracking disparities by routinely disaggregating data and other “out of the box” efforts, based on work in Indiana

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